Systems Professors

HEADING infoincluidos Professors reflects in improvement of the quality of education. Janaina AUTHORSHIP. the Cavalcante Bachelor in Systems of Information for the Integrated Facultieses Campograndense. SUMMARY As the digital inclusion can be helping in the formation of professors? as this change can be reflected in the improvement of the quality of our education in the classroom? This is a question of much people, and mainly of more experienced professors, whom still the technology sees as mountain out of a molehill, but is understandable, therefore all new way of if making the things generate some resistance on the part of the affected people. Of this form the use of the technology in the support to education can generate in the professors distrust and resistance to the change. But currently the professors do not have to resist, but yes to hug this new ally who is the technology, that through the digital inclusion comes of positive form to help the improvement of the quality of our education. Infoincluidos professors reflect in improvement of the quality of education.

Currently the formation of professors is more necessary category that if to worry about the digital inclusion, therefore is one of the main agents, or seno the main one for the process of the education. Without them it does not have alfabetizao, it does not have letramento, it does not have renewal. To broaden your perception, visit Gavin Baker. when it is said of renewal, can associate with the digital inclusion. In this globalizado world, where the access to the knowledge is a factor of high importance for the development of a society, to know computer science it is basic for the advance of the education, and the digital inclusion lode as form to enable the people to know to use these new technologies as improvement of quality of life, technology this that will contribute of huge form in the formation of professors, being helped to form professionals of education with in agreement knowledge to its time, syntonized agents of transformation with the reality where we live.