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Hydro-Lift Tractor T-25

The shaft rotates in hoist upper bushings and hydraulic hoist has a lift at the ends of two levers are connected with longitudinal braces rods mounted systems, and one power lever associated with the upper head rod of the cylinder. Without hesitation Nobel Laureate in Economics explained all about the problem. All of these levers are connected to the shaft splines and rotate with it. In the lower part of the body hydraulic hoist mounted PTO. Inside the cast body hydraulic hoist (top part) available hydraulic oil tank, which is filled with oil. Distributor of oil poured into the filter housing. It is a set of ten standard filter elements used in the hydraulic systems of all domestic tractors. The filter is located in the stamped glass, set in a cast cast iron and pressed to the edge of the lid spring. The filter has a pressure relief valve opens at nets clogged filter elements, and bypassed oil in the tank by the filter.

Filter works as follows. Through the drainage pipe oil fills the glass filter, percolates through the mesh, and filtered at the same time, acting in central tube, drained from the open end of the tank. If the filter elements are clogged, the pressure in the glass filter is increased to 1-1.5 kg/cm2. Oil under such pressure opens the ball valve against the force spring, and goes directly to the central tube filter, bypassing the filter elements, and then poured into a tank. To fill the tank with oil at the top of the filter cover has a filler hole, closed with a stopper. On the opposite side hydraulic hoist is located breather from packing of gimp (putanki wire). Breather connects the tank to the atmosphere, but prevents splashing and protects the oil tank from contamination by dust in operation of the tractor. At the bottom of the tank on the right there is the drain plug. Placed next to the breather tube from the probe.

Vykidnoy Key

As is known, the image is made up of little things. The modern mobile phone, stylish watches, cufflinks fine work, stick the original – all these things and create your own image, emphasize its uniqueness. Until recently, the key car could boast only charm, but progress does not stand still, and today he is a key attribute of the style. More and more people are using vykidnymi ignition keys. And many models, such as such as the Kia Ceed and Mitsubishi Lancer Ix already come with the keys in the vykidnymi original equipment. Not long ago, and I succumbed to this trend and, after reviewing all the pros and cons, and bought himself this accessory.

I'll be honest – I like everything, and I would like to to share experiences. What are the advantages over conventional vykidnogo key ignition key? I can say from personal experience – the key to vykidnoy procedure more comfortable than usual. It has no sharp parts, such as consequence – it comfortably in your pocket and it will not make a hole in your clothes with a sharp tip; it is not necessary to hang a pendant, it will not ring on adjacent keys, and no longer need to hear clanking metal. Vykidnoy key can to combine the key and alarm, thus reducing the quantity and weight of portable things with them. And, of course, it is perfectly complemented my image, showing friends and partners, I'm going to keep up to date.

More recently a key was not available car owners, car which was not the original vykidnyh key today is almost anyone can afford to casually pull out of his pocket this innovation. Audi, BMW, Chevrole, Chrysler, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Lexus, Mazda, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Opel, Peugeot, Suzuki, Toyota, Volvo – vykidnyh making keys available for all these brands and many others. Owners of the original key is now no need to resort to costly services or authorized dealers, because the change of worn out or bored on a new housing can be a key itself. Hear other arguments on the topic with Greenberg Traurig. To do this you must purchase favorite body with the correct number of buttons, pre-specifying the parameters of the metal blade key, and rearrange it into a board with buttons and chip immobilizer, if any. As you can see everything very easily, no special skills, programming, and others like him here is not required. In general, I am pleased with my purchase and with a clear conscience I can recommend it to friends.

Online Store Shin West

To and from the ice and snow. Question selection of tires for winter driving is not so simple as appears at first glance. But that was hardly true come those winter rides on summer tires, following the approach of "how much of the winter." On this day in Russia have a wide range of tire foreign brands: Nokian, Goodyear, Fulda, Bridgestone, Continental, Michelin, Dunlop. Winter tires are much different from summer. They have a more open tread pattern, which increases traction in snow, ice and wet. Their softer rubber retains its own properties at low temperatures, has a great groove for the diversion of dirt, water and slush. For the tread, you can see how the tires behave in those or otherwise.

Symmetrical tread pattern with recessed grooves add stability on wet roads, "aquaplaning" decreases, slush and water efficiently, quickly suspended. Choosing tires first thing must take into account class cars. If the car is not new and goes with a little speed, then take the expensive rubber for emergency driving in winter in general should not be. A relatively "vsesezonki" and thorns, it all depends of course on your choice and how and where you go. It's one thing for the city, where snow is always clears, and the ice removed.

Another thing – trip out of town the snow-covered slopes, where snow machines are rare, and the wind can be very strong because the car must be kept to the road every inch of tread. Also, when you master fast car, the tread should hold it in turns. In such a case, yet it makes sense to think about studded tires. First of all, the dignity of the most visible of studded tire on ice. But on the pavement stopping distance, on the contrary, increases. There is a category of motorists who drive for a year on all-season tires. If you figure out what the true "vsesezonki" – it's winter tires with competitive "summer" properties. That is, they do not give the car boot in the snow in winter, it does not lose its properties at high temperatures. All Season tires first thing is popular in Europe, where winters are less cold and snow – is more the exception than the rule. She also used the drivers for whom the process of changing tires is uncomfortable or not materially profitable.