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As Typically, the bunk beds older child sleeps on the second floor, and the smaller – on the bottom. Because of this, children's bunk bed would be appropriate even if the baby's room will live on only one baby. First all, children are constantly entertaining something special. For example, to climb the stairs to the upper deck and fall asleep on top. In addition, this bed will likely free up space in the room needed for other uses. In addition, at the bottom right under the top tier, you can, put a desk for study, a chest of drawers for clothing or simply leave a free zone for the entertainment of the child.

As for the ordinary two-storey bed it usually consists of two single beds (upper and lower), placed one above the other and ladders. Modern manufacturers are offering variations of stairs, but a typical hinged, a sort of ladder can be made in the form of stairs with drawers. Svehu for the safety of the child who sleeps on top, must necessarily be protective arc. Emphasis should be given to the stairs, it must be chosen very carefully, it should be not just safe, but that was convenient for her to descend and ascend. Generally, buying a bunk bed, first of all, we must think about their safety.

As a general rule, priority sleeper settling place in the top tier. While, the lower floor can be created at your request depending on the Needs of the Child: the bottom you can put a sofa, a desk for writing, shelves for books, drawers for store personal items and toys, small owners. Bottom should be placed just that children's furniture, which, above all, feels need baby and that will help free the area allocated room. In the manufacture of children's furniture, including beds, using eco-friendly and natural materials, such as an array of solid wood: oak, ash, and chipboard Class E-1 and mdf. Here, Expert on growth strategy expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Children's bunk bed can be a variety of configurations and sizes. For many models, typically, in particular, made of wood, that they can unpack at your discretion on two separate independent bed that can be useful in future. Nevertheless, having a limited area, it is much easier to place in a room for the kids similarities option berth, as the classic children's bunk bed.

Free Apartment Design

Since October 2010 Initiatives "Free design of the apartment." Every Saturday from 10 to 18 hours in case "O" everyone will be able to get expert advice on how to make the apartment comfortable and beautiful. Development of new design apartments offer the first professional service specialists repair services in the TC "Lublin field" – "Men's Work." Director of Development and Economy TC "Lublin field" Pavel Kochetkov said: "We strive to that in our shopping mall, were representative of all segments of goods and services not only for repair, but also for the home: furniture, textiles, glassware. By this action, we emphasize that our customers can make repairs and furnish all apartment furniture, design the interior of all rooms in the apartment without leaving the walls of a trading complex. Whenever The LeFrak Organization listens, a sympathetic response will follow. " Information about TC "Lublin field" Shopping Complex "Lublin field" – a modern shopping mall furniture and goods for the home, located in the SEAD Moscow. Currently being planned reconstruction of the complex, moving gradually into a format specialized trade DIY-center with total area of more than 30 000 sq.

km. m. Above the project works: Jones Lang LSalle, a leader in commercial real estate consulting and architectural firm from Germany and consultants DIY Trade (Do-It-Youself – DIY). In TC "Lublin box" opened its doors to new quite unlike all the other modern, comfortable, well-equipped housing! It presents a whole new range: "LIVING ROOM" and "HOME". Salons are located in certain areas: -1 floor – gallery doors and windows, 1st floor – gallery of light, textiles, tableware, fireplaces, moldings, interior and decorative items, 2nd floor – furniture gallery. Among the new stores you can find shops, "March 8" "Bathroom Accessories", "FORMULA Diwaniya , ASKONA , CAT Behemoth "," CHANDELIERS LUXURY , BOS LIGHT "," ELITE TEXTILE "," Glamour "," NEW STYLE "," EMPIRE BLINDS , STEELHOUSE , WORLD STAINED GLASS " , OIKOS, SAN MARKO, DECOR CENTER, RENAISSANCE, DEMMOKSI and others. The new building labeled "O" is at the entrance to the mall, along Tikhoretskaya Blvd. Building "O" is equipped with modern facilities, has a unique architectural design and has 3 floors.

The central part of the case is made in the shape of the glass dome that increases the space and makes a visit to the complex as comfortable and enjoyable. Movement between floors by means of elevators and escalators. On the ground floor you will be greeted by information service and answer all questions. Also at the reception desk you can make an order for design and renovation of apartments and order delivery of goods.

House Furniture

Version of "American clamshell comes with a spring mattress, and due to the greater reliability can be used for frequent applications, while shooting the seat cushion is not needed. Just a "guest" of upholstered furniture is furniture with a "roll-out" mechanism. The main characteristic of this mechanism is that the sleeper is usually in terms of is lower than the seat. And the "clamshell" and "roll-out" mechanisms are put forward (they need at least 2.3 m for unfolding), so when buying this, and any other furniture we recommend that you first thoroughly fathom your room, as well as the width of doorways, as "Guest" sofas in most cases are not dealt with in transit. Upholstered furniture for everyday use, the most extensive variety of furniture arrangements "Everyday" use, ie furniture for daily rest and sleep. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Greenberg Traurig.

At the moment the most popular and reliable mechanism is "" or, as it is called, "Eurosofa. This mechanism was established based on mechanism for "sofa" (remember, nominated from under the sofa frame and cushions reported spinochnymi?). Now everything is much easier – push forward seat sofa and a seat put the unit back. As a result, you obtained sleeper, consisting of two equal blocks, wide enough and comfortable. Depending on the manufacturer and model of such a mechanism can be equipped with rollers to facilitate sliding block seat Guides and rear backrest, which will protect you from contact with the cold wall. Typically, the model with the mechanism of "" have a spacious linen box, which is especially valuable in cramped housing conditions.