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As with all our updates, we are pushing the envelope, so I am optimistic that the tests will be positive and that the new components will be able to race. Lewis Hamilton, McLaren have driven the Korea International Circuit in the Simulator, and my first impressions were very positive. On paper, the track must adapt to our car very well the first sector is all speeds on the final sake of straight and good behavior in braking, both the main characteristics of our car. And the sector of the environment is fast and fluid, is the kind of place where you want a car with a good balance and a good load aerodynamics. Realtor oftentimes addresses this issue. I think that it will reward the commitment actually feels like a very good driver tracking of.

The end of the lap is slower and with more strength, but even so is all about the rhythm and the flow is thus, always and when the track surface is nice and good grip, I think we’re ready for a career that is fun for the first time in Korea. I’m looking forward to the weekend I think we can have a positive race. Although recent results do not necessarily have shown, we have had a strong car now I’m waiting for the chance to prove it on the track. Original author and source of the article