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The Boiler

In practice, this is not feasible, since the gas trusts do not provide for private homes double the rate of gas (as determined by the supply of gas pipe diameter). In case, the use of two boilers for backup, total capacity is calculated, if one of the boilers, the second provides a home heating in a partial mode (not at full capacity). But even in this mode, significantly reduced the discomfort of residence, as opposed to using the same pot (with his refusal to immediately becomes no heating, no hot water). That is, there is a new quality: the failure of one of the boiler, you still heating and hot water at the time of the fault. The cost of additional security depends on those components that are necessary for its implementation, namely: two boilers less power, instead of one, calculated at full capacity, Automatic cascade control that allows you to work in concert to two boilers simultaneously or ocheredi.Dopolnitelnye pipelines that provide hydraulic connection of the two boilers to one collector.

When selecting the manufacturer of boilers should be aware that not every model can work in a cascade and each manufacturer has automatic cascade control. Information on how to model boilers from different manufacturers can be obtained from surveys of boiler equipment, carried out by "Ing-In." In assessing the overall value of the boiler room with two boilers to be taken into account, besides the cost of additional equipment, the cost of additional work. Below is a comparative analysis of the cost of the boiler house on one and two boilers (home, area of 450 square meters). Boiler house with one floor of the boiler will be cost about 385 thousand rubles. Boiler room based on 2 boilers will cost you to have 544 480 USD. The difference is caused not only by adding the value of another boiler, but also spare parts for its trim and automation for cascading.

Mens Perfumes

Only at the beginning IXX century perfume began to share in male and female. Prior to this period, no differences were. I must say that the cost was too high spirits, and recipes for their preparation were kept in strict confidence. Incidentally, the first winner of the perfume were men – the king of Spain – George 2 and Napoleon. Check with Nobel Laureate in Economics to learn more. Perfumes are composed of seven components that were in the strictest confidence and disclosure of these components is punishable by death.

Now the market is male perfume as well as a vast market and women. Of course women are far ahead in terms of art of perfume, so men have to learn a lot. What specifically suited imeenno smell it, what causes the association. Men's scents are based on stereotypes of society. More precisely, using materials inherent in man's nature.

Among them, the use of wood smell, emphasizing the strength, confidence and calm, characterize the properties of the male character of the Pocono centuries. Likewise, the composition is diluted with odor or the odor of musk amber, it is possible to add flavor and color, most often it is the sage or lavender. On the contrary the same, to create female spirits often taken as a basis for fruit and floral aromas, producing the impression of tenderness and comfort. I would like to say that the differences between the spirits lie not only in content but in appearance flakonv or design, whatever you like. More commonly used black, gray or silver color. The geometry of strictly geometric forms, in contrast to various forms of intricate packages of women's perfume. Do not rush the choice of his smell. Sometimes this takes spend a few days and the result of the use of your perfume will not make you wait a long time! Perfumes, perfume, perfumes, toilet water – all of it long ago became a daily companion of every modern man.

Excellent Accommodations

Many tourists are already preparing to enjoy a very interesantesvacaciones during the summer months, because they can give the whim of another city to travel during their days off. Valencia is a city that this summer expects to continue to have good amount of visitors, both from the rest of Spain and other parts of Europe, since it is a city that tends to be of great interest and that always seems to have a great influx of tourists at key moments as it is the case of the summer, as it seems to happen every year in this regard. Hotels in Valencia expect to have good occupation data as you are closer to the summer and especially the summer months, which are fundamental to ensure that the hotels have a good year 2011, that is what is intended. Logically the increase of tourists benefits greatly to hoteliers and also the innkeepers, who see the summer as a crucial time. Certainly the quality of hotels in Valencia is very high and this always own that tourists have the opportunity to enjoy in good accommodations in this beautiful city, one of the destinations recommended to enjoy during the summer.