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Bedroom Design

Let's talk about the bedroom. Bedroom interior – a theme, you see, grace, because the warmth and comfort in the house is always relevant. So how do you convert 20 square meters of living space into a cozy, pleasant, intimate, and if necessary, functional bedroom? Well, first of all, let us agree that the bedroom will be removed from all the other rooms – from the nursery, living room, kitchen, so that neither sound nor smell did not violate the aura of intimacy and serenity of this room. Next – a very it is important to go out the window of your bedroom – the degree of natural this room largely determines the design. Naturally, the eastern side suggests the presence of sunlight Sutra and if your day starts early – You get the impulse energy and good mood all day. If your schedule allows you to luxuriate in bed – or your bedroom must look to the west, or it should be thick curtains conceal unwanted sunlight. If we are talking about natural light, it is necessary to emphasize the importance of artificial lighting, both functional and decorative. We have already said that the bedroom is exactly the area where intimacy and romance may not be much because I did not spare his imagination and time on something to think about decorative lighting for your bedroom. There are many options – depending on your tsvetogovogo solutions bedrooms you can proeksperimentirovat with lighter or darker shades. A good solution is a multi-level lighting – from the ceiling and floor finishing.

Modern Loft

Does anyone remember the Soviet "mezzanine"? Ugly box above the door or a corridor to the kitchen, where years of accumulated old things. To broaden your perception, visit John Savignano. A sober look at the mezzanine returned to her original meaning, which was found former French designers, the same upper mezzanine home. Now mezzanine design can easily become a bedroom, library or child, in general, an extra room in the same housing. From the point of view of architecture and design, the interior mezzanine increasingly interested in the form of structures that are used as a place to work and play within the overall space of the apartment. Comes a kind of "second floor "inside the room. It is interesting that in modern apartments with mezzanine hunting creates a spacious premises, and in the small: in the first case, the owners are driven entirely understandable desire for economy and convenience, but in vtrom – has a curious ability to dilute the classical layout of the unusual architecture of the space. Naturally, to equip a house mezzanine, where you can arrange another room, housing should be from the beginning meet certain essential conditions.

First of all, the height of the ceiling and quality floor. The first thing you need to ensure that finished design would not look too kutse, the second – that it was elementary reliable and could cope with any weight. There is often a temptation to build a loft apartment in an old house so-called historic building with a ceiling height of 4-5 m.

Design and Construction

Nowadays, a variety of architectural and construction companies are working on various projects for interior and exterior design for both private and commercial use. If we imagine that you have bought an apartment, have a vague idea about its design, turning the pages of glossy magazines, then somehow you come to the conclusion that you need expert help with interior design. Designer who will work with the interior of your apartment should be professional in their field, as it faces a difficult challenge: he must bring your character, lifestyle, attitude to create interiors. No doubt, the interior design of apartments should be unique. Your thoughts, ideas, desires greatly facilitate the work of a designer to help you find a good solution when designing the interior, as well as bring you closer to your dreams.

No one will argue that design – the art and to approach this issue should be creatively and professionally. The interior should differ impeccable design, modern lines, set up by the animal spirits answer to convenience. Design office, apartment, cottage, etc. must be original, with its originality does not depend on the size of the object, because if an experienced designer will come to develop a design project with all attentiveness and professionalism, the final product may hit its originality and uniqueness. Choosing the architectural and construction firm that will deal with design of your apartment, office or country house, one must remember that your order should be made to the highest level, using the most modern technology, compliance with all items on order, safety standards and strict compliance with the order in period. Must not forget that working with architectural and construction company, you should receive only positive emotions. Since the creation of the interior design of apartment, office or any other room – it's mutual work of the designer and the customer. He has a long, hard but very exciting process, which results in an exclusive interior design of the apartment.