A Happy Home

In Manaus I can say that a family of the happy home exists, sabepor what!? Because in this she exists the requirements essential of a family to live beme with a structure favorable to the members that this family composes.The main couple of this family is the young Aldemar S and the senhorita ElianeS, good is not brother hein! But the woman inherits of its husband its last name. Then they had been married in 2007, were a victory they to reach objetivodo heart of them. In 2008, in the August month they commemorate its little party of married marriage that completaramnesse 1ano day of! She was very pretty the little party of them, all the neighbors of them participaramcomemorando with joy that pretty party.In the other following day the problems had started to appear for the couple, noentre they more with interested participation of third in wanting acabarcom the gotten passionate happiness of this pretty couple. More for sadness of this person who pursued this couple, the love existenteentre the couple was so strong that they had not given to importance for the problems queeles were passing at that moment. It sees in this historical and real context that same the problems cannot acabarcom the force that has the love.