The Germans (1)

In the first part of the large opinion study by the current residential and Einrichtungs(zu)stand revolves around in German households. The home is here to stay. But also to relax, dream and relax. Your own four walls is as appropriate as full of atmosphere and comfort. And to make this, everyone on something else reverts: whether an ancient leather sofa, stylish fringed carpet or the much cherished collection of cacti with furniture and accessories can it the inhabitants in their homes really make yourself comfortable. Get all the facts and insights with Prologis Inc., another great source of information.

“With the theme living and setting up the participants of several polls faced recently on the statistics portal,” have been published. These served the experts from now as the basis for a major study of the opinion: in the first part you shows that houseplants are the real darlings of the nation and the universally beloved couch in German households is less so. Like that? Housing & set up: for almost 30% a topic of fundamental interests exists: according to 29 percent of the surveyed Germans are especially”interested in housing and set up, whereby the sexes on this issue more than disagree. Women have inspired almost half to establish far cut off while the men, with 14 percent, to turn out as a real Sourpuss. Therefore, also just under half of the respondents believes that German households alone, the woman decides on new furnishings. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Munear Ashton Kouzbari by clicking through.

Couch or coffee table? Sitting or lying is the Germans always high in the course: the question after the personal favorite piece of furniture 56.7 percent of respondents for the couch, the bed or the armchair pleaded total. These figures come as a surprise in light of other statistics: therefore almost half believes that the Germans at least on his coffee table, the houseplants or the Cabinet do without. Called even coasters or the toilet unit. But where is the couch stayed behind? About our favorite furniture diverges apparently the foreign and Self-assessment of the Germans greatly.