Therapy Regressions

Do you would do if you could know the cause of your problems or afflictions and stop the consequence that is damaging your life? The myth that encloses therapy regression of past in the majority of people lives is induced by the lack of knowledge or false knowledge imposed on our society mentally sound. But many have already crossed that threshold of refusing to Yes same the opportunity to understand the mysteries of our essence as human beings who live in a constant spiritual and evolutionary growth. Our subconscious mind stores all the memories that we have experienced in this life and in some cases, above, which can be easily accessed if we know the natural techniques for this purpose. One of them is the therapeutic hypnosis that allows us in a safe and natural way to access our subconscious and healing resources that is in. On the other hand, the karma which we both listened, which is defined as things that are pending in a past life, are transformed into debts to resolve in the present life.

All of this has a therapeutic background than us It leads to go heal trauma, problems, relationships or situations leading to a conscious and spiritual perfection as we really need to be. Whenever jessica kingery listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Born again in each life to continue being perfected until it reaches a mind and body that evolves as remuneration, or greater still. Both hate and love are bonds that hold together persons during the lives, the mystery of these ties are still hidden to our knowledge. The regression to past lives comes to take you to the knowledge of the cause of what your present situation you are damaging or impeding progress. This knowledge will be aware of you and will allow you to treat root disease or behavior or conduct current. Unlike allopathic medicine that treats the consequence that translates into a disease, this therapy takes you in a natural way to understand and fight the cause. While she is not treated, it will continue physical, or mental disease or behavior or conflict of romantic relationships, etc. Love, auto-perdon and forgiveness to others, the internal disclosure, change of mentality, knowing that I do, are some of the tools that will flow in this therapy, which involves both your psycho-internal perception of himself, and the spiritual consciousness of the universe. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from angelo gordon.

One spirit, one soul, one mind, several lives. As therapy is simple and very effective, your fears only taxes will leave with the knowledge and experience that you can acquire this. In this article I don’t want to propose you a philosophy or religious concept, because there are many, only give you knowledge of the life change that have had many people, healing their conflicts and freeing itself from heavy loads which have been dragging for a long time. Understand and know it is essential to know what you can do. You are God’s perfect creation, please him.