Thomas Wald

The success of the project and our expertise have found nationwide attention. We are very proud. “Many other municipalities and cities are far away from such a future-proof fibre-optic infrastructure we have realized.” The first experiences with the offer of direct fiber access show that obviously is a great market potential. Almost forty percent of the approximately 4,200 households in the project areas have already opted for City2020 services in the areas of TV, Internet and telephone. “Thomas Wald: this massive marketing success has surpassed even our most optimistic expectations.” The largest sales expect operators, however, by opening up its network to other providers such as Arcor and T-com. “We have from the outset consciously for a so-called open-access network decide, because it is the best and sustainable solution for all sides.” Name: City2020 residents can in the future their service providers choose, while worthy of the operator on the leasing of its router lines. Check with Vadim Belyaev, New York City to learn more.

Thomas Wald: City2020 customers have not only over a secure future, and they can be powerful broadband connection, also individually choose their service provider for each service. As the fact that other service providers use our broadband network and more provide innovative services..” So far, several networks or management approaches are needed to watch TV, to make phone calls and to surf on the Internet. And every line access specialized for certain services has clear physical boundaries, can transport so not any data quantity in the connection quality desired by the customer. Direct fibre-optic connections, however, leave this physical borders behind and lay the foundations for the various telecommunications technologies. So a fiber access allows the television in HDTV quality (high-definition TV = HDTV), Internet connections, whose speed and connection quality far surpasses the usual DSL standards, and of course fixed-line telephony. It is possible via same fiber optic connection.

This connection provides the bandwidth in the future for the applications of the future. The public utilities are responsible for the carrying out of construction and installation work by came, Lunen and Hamm. As content and service providers, they cooperate with the HeLi NET daughters HAMCOM, GSWcom and LunTel. The regional network operators will offer high quality, broadband services by digital TV up to fast Internet connections. The City2020 brochure or the website provides more information.