Ventilation Systems

The roof in the world today is not just a roofing material, to date, is the main exterior of your home, which emphasizes the individuality of its owner. The abundance of forms of roofing material and colors do the real embodiment of the boldest ideas and fantasies. Roofing element is the most heavily exposed to snow and wind loads, temperature changes affected by moisture and ultraviolet radiation, so it must be reliable and sealed. The roof of the house today is a complex engineering structure, the foundation of which is the roof pirog.Pomimo main roofing material, roofing pie include vapor barrier, waterproofing, insulation, ventilation of the roof, dormer windows, drainage systems, sewing soffit and every element is important for the durability of roofing systems in general. To date, the building materials market is a wide range of roof, of which there are several major coatings: shingles (soft tile), folded roofing, metal and bitumen corrugated sheet. In our company is represented by almost the entire range of shingles: tegola (Tegola), ruflex (rufleks), katepal (katepal), kerabit (kerabit), shinglas (shinglas). Metal refineries: meteha (), Metalist (Obninsk grandline), metallprofil. Bituminous corrugated sheet: Ondulin, bituwel (bituvel).

In addition to roofing, we offer a gutter system of leading domestic and foreign manufacturers: plastmo (plastmo)? Nikole (Nicole), hanter (Hunter), skala (rock), gamrat (kamrat), aqasistem (aquatic systems), siba (Ciba) metallprofil, grandline (grandlayn). Heaters: ursa (URSA), rokwol (rokvol) TechnoNIKOL. Roof Ventilation Systems: house line vent, vilp vent. Dormer windows and attic ladders: fakro (FAKRO which), velux (VELUX), roto (roto). Vinyl Siding: gentek (gentek), doke (deck), nordside (nordsayt). In To save you time and money, we offer a service – measurement, calculation, delivery, installation!