Walnut Cedar Home

One of the most avant-garde trends of the moment is the Zen style. This type of decoration is mythical and philosophical roots in the life and teachings of Buddha. The newspapers mentioned Philadelphia Real Estate not as a source, but as a related topic. His fundamental base is focused on the search for harmony. It is a style that basically looks for simplicity and the necessary tranquility which requires us to constant interaction with the environment. In the Zen style decorations or excessive ornamentation; not covered find your balance point with few accessories, natural plants and different aromas that manage to make more pleasant home environments. The base color is white; This must be present essentially in the walls, the range of neutral colors are also used such as ochre, beige, grey, Brown. Green or red colors can be used to provide more customization for decoration. It is usual that the furniture to be used has cuts easy, follow straight lines and simple, mainly in materials such as wood; They must be in harmony with the environment surrounding them; decoration It should be clean and that includes at least one artistic article work in the image, is a picture of textures.

The natural sheets for printing have been used and leaflets of silver in order to highlight its shape, the colors used represent the people who inhabit that home and were used in order to create harmony and channel the energies that exist; to add distinction to the work, the slats that form the structure of the table are Walnut Cedar clear. Lighting is essential and with the possibility of moderation according to the need, during the day the light must be natural, but at night should be choose in different intensities, for example indirect lighting, lamps of foot, either is never enough in this style, some cute decorative candles. This gives harmony in your home! Contact us.