Web Site Advertising

What is Google? As a starting point should understand that Google is a company that owns the leading search engine that currently exists, with its impressive robots has garnered the subject index or keyword largest in the world and that is why we use it almost every when we want to find something online, Google also offers other interesting tools and services, including advertising programs include Adwords and Adsense. If you want a broader definition, the network will surely find many and some very interesting, as an example I recommend visiting the free encyclopedia Wikipedia. Please visit Expert on growth strategy if you seek more information. What is Google AdWords? Advertising is the tool that Google provides to people wishing to advertise with it can generate their ads either text or graphics, they are placed in relevant areas (right or above) the same pages of results shown Google when a search request associated with the keywords chosen by the advertisers themselves. These ads created with the AdWords tool also appear on web sites that decide to join the Google Adsense program offering its space to place ads related to the topics they present. What is Google Adsense? Google is the program that offers people who want to earn money by placing ads on their websites, through his Google shares with its affiliates a percentage of revenue received from advertisers who pay for this advertising, ie, the money received from users of AdWords. The ads that Google places on the registered sites are determined based on the theme of the site itself, it is very convenient because that is likely to be related to the interests of visitors, making it possible to increase the likelihood of these den visitors click the ad shown with the resulting economic benefits that implies for the publisher or owner of the web.