Weight Loss Methods

Losing weight is due to reducing caloric Food (restrictions simple carbohydrates (mono-and disaccharides) and fats) as well as due to the relative separateness and fragmentation power. If someone is indifferent to the aesthetics of the body, then listen to these facts: the extra 5 kg increase the risk of heart attacks in 3 times; extra 10 kg reduces your life by 8-15 years in excess of the normal weight of 15 kg or more – the symptoms of disease have evolved shorter will make your life just a heavy and sometimes unbearable. Getting rid of excess fat mass, we improve health and lengthen life. Adhere to the principles set out below 3-5 weeks. That is, as long as necessary for psychological adjustment (see below) and obtain results (and they will have on the 1 st week).

Have a look at how to improve your quality of life. And then decide for yourself. After achieving a healthy weight (height (cm) minus 100-110 units) can afford certain indulgences. Should preferably start with a larger proportion of fruit in the morning. I am the author of this text does not pretend to have the exclusivity and originality of the proposed style food.

Much is known. I just give advice justified my many years of experience in correction. The eight principles of sound nutrition for weight normalization. First principle. Exclusion of all sweet. The presence of sugar in the diet is essential recruitment and maintenance of excess weight. In addition, the sugar carries a far greater health risk than we used to take.