What's For Lunch ?

As an entrepreneur, I am always intrigued by small businesses, at home or not, that exceed customer expectations in a big way. Let me tell you about one of them. I recently spent some time with my daughter in her college town of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. We were spending the day your apartment ready for their return to school in the fall. When it came time for lunch, I wanted to take me to a restaurant in the small town of Northport, just north of Tuscaloosa.

Northport is one of those typical Southern small town, whose downtown area has become a delightfully quaint shopping area. Central to that is a restaurant called City Cafe. AMay experience. We arrived on the scene at 11:30 am I usually like to go to restaurants for lunch at that time so that one can “beat the race.” I told my daughter before our arrival, she laughed. When we entered, I understood why.

I faced a room with a lunch counter on the left (Full) boxes on the right (complete) and a line that stretched down to the back wall and then circled around. As visitors to Disney World, we automatically took our place at the end of the line. Then I began to look toward the front of the line and realized that continues in the other room (I could not see.) So I asked my daughter, where is the front of this line? Her answer “You’ll see.”