When The Completion Notice

The company SCHWARZKOPF construction from Freiburg informed with the acceptance of a building there is an important change in the relationship between client and running construction companies. In particular, the burden of proof for construction defects on the client passes and the limit of the guarantee obligation enters into force. Given the difficulties that can arise from a premature or uninformed completion Freiburger construction company Schwarzkopf Bau recommends builders each thoroughly to know what applies here to observe it. Completion is not equal to completion. Clearly this fact to the different contents of official and private building approvals. The construction authority declines a building, it does so with regard to statutory provisions and regulations.

The height of the building, monument protection compliance and so are of interest here. On the other hand are all not subject to loss elements of house building, and is not the vast majority, within the framework of a regulatory acceptance of construction checked. In fact the official completion says only that legal requirements were met when building a House. As long as the owner of the official acceptance decision does, the House is considered yet with all the consequences taken off. The client is located a competent review of the building built for him on technical defects, he must have a private construction acceptance for this.

Here the engagement of an expert is to be recommended, because many construction defects would be the layman in the eye in the first place. People such as The Related Companies would likely agree. By the quality of the work of the Builder is continuously checked and removed also during the construction process, the client receives the necessary security and can intervene at an early stage, defects should be created. It is recommended to incorporate the exact conditions of the private construction acceptance in the construction contract. The regular review of artisan construction services enables the builders, defects before the final acceptance of construction to assert.