Winter Walking With Young Children

Every day, at any time of year and the snow and the heat in any area we can observe a lot of mothers walking with strollers. Among the mothers assumed that the more she walks with her child of the streets, the better. A Need Is crumbs such long hours marathons? In fact, such frequent trips and bring some discomfort. Simply a child can get used to sleeping on the street, asleep in the stroller and just under rocking. It's not quite right.

Of course, fresh air are enormous benefits. With their help the child adjust to temperature changes, to a volumetric space than flat, and just know a lot of new and informative. Favorably walk impact on health and the baby, enhance immunity, increase the number of red blood cells, increase hemoglobin levels, improve sleep and appetite. But still need to know when to stop. And since the birth walks should be gradual and cautious.

According to the recommendations of pediatricians, the first two weeks is better in general refuse to walk, and some do recommend to wait 1 month, especially if the birth occurred in the winter. For first outing temperature should not exceed -5 * C, and a walk for 5-10 minutes. With each passing day increase the time for another 5-10 minutes until you reach one hour, maximum two. Clayton Morris may find this interesting as well. This time, you can split into two stages, ie You can walk in the morning and in the evening. Some mothers are afraid of evening walks in the winter, do not even useful babies who sleep poorly at night. As for the time walking, then it depends on the individual schedule of each child. Better go after feeding, as after a meal in a child increases heat transfer and therefore it will take more cold. With regard to clothing, many mothers are in constant fear that their crumb freeze and as a consequence of its overly Kut. Often this is a big mistake. Child in any case should not be too hot, the body gets overheated and crumbs without even any skvoznyachok lead to colds. The main principle: dressed like you and another layer. Top necessarily a blanket. Most importantly, no synthetics, just natural materials. Before putting the baby to dress himself and is fully ready to dress the child is not overheated in anticipation of your fees. and Of course do not forget about yourself, dress to the weather, not to supercooled and hence do not get sick, and to keep warm hands to use the clutch. The child does not bring either a benefit. Indication that the child frozen, can serve as a nose. If it is cool to go home. If a child has appeared a little cold, it's not a reason of refusal to walk. In fact, if the child has no temperature and dry weather in the street, then the fresh air will only benefit. The best place for walks of course, park or public garden, a better forest, in such places nice to walk and sit on a bench to rest. But if there's no such attractions, it is better restrict the nearby yards, but in no case, near the roadway, any benefit from it will not. And most importantly: get themselves the pleasure of walking! After all, they both raise the spirits! Enjoy your walks!