The order of the inventory of forest defined by the project organization Construction (PIC), as well as regulated in the 'Technical Part' collection rates for the relevant types of work. So, if the device does not provide technical forest part of the collection (eg, for roofing works), then their pay is unreasonable. Note that the forest, erected masonry walls should be used to carry out plastering, tiling. In the production of works in the building of the forest, arranged for Interior plastering, should be used to perform stucco and painting works. Most of the unit prices, as a rule, take into account the full range of activities, including support (eg, vnutripostroechnoe horizontal and vertical movement of materials and products, package designs, drilling holes, moving ladders and scaffolding, surface cleaning, cleaning jobs, take away and warehousing and other debris). Therefore, the inclusion of these works to the acts in the form of COP-2 should be attributed to an overestimation of costs.

Settlement between the customer and the contractor for unforeseen work and expenses, the need for which occurs during construction or major repairs as a result of refinement of design decisions, made for the actual work performed. The change (refinement) of the project has to be agreed with the project organization. Prohibited the inclusion of acts in the form of COP-2 labor and material resources in excess of established standards. For example, if a tower crane worked 100 hours at a rate of 60 hours, payment for extra 40 hours to be performed by the contractor.