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Is the burden of the rent so high? The general public is being considered about the allegedly increasing rents in major cities. The burden of the tenants would steadily rise for years and cause significant problems. However, this claim has been verified also? We look at a concrete example in Munich. In the last 20 years the new prices and passing rents increased significantly. In order to assess the burden of a lessee to his income, it uses the so-called rent burden rate. The rental burden ratio specifies the ratio of the gross rents at the household net income as a percentage. In Munich the rate fell but significantly in recent years.

The Geoff Immobilien GmbH has looked at clearly the numbers as an experienced real estate agent. Applies for Munich surprising, that this 30% is decreasing in 1994 to 25% in 2007. The current figures show one in 2011 with the load rate of 23%. This means in the Inference that wages and salaries and the General cost of living have risen more than rents. Major party politicians like to see himself as a Savior of the tenant, should but analyzing these numbers and represent not only one-sided opinions in public.

Currently, the Munich Abendzeitung reported back about the dramatic situation on the real estate market in Munich. Also here is argued from our point of view to one side. We want an objective presentation of the facts. Because only so can up in Munich develop a fair real estate market – whether you’re tenants or landlords.