PROJECT Aspelohe

In the Hamburg district of Wandsbek and in the adjoining North of the Hanseatic town Norderstedt the PROJECT group has acquired a plot each. Bamberg, 12.12.2013: There are high-quality apartments with upscale facilities in attractive residential areas. In the forest Village Road, 292-296, PROJECT plans to build a residential building with 30 condominium apartments and 24 underground parking spaces. The building will have two storeys and a floor of the season and offers a living area of approximately 2,300 m2. The sales volume is over 11 million euros. The road course of the forest village road is characterised by larger trees and green spaces. North adjoins a residential area with kleinteiligeren apartment buildings as well as some spacious single-family home development.

Primary schools and day-care centers abound on site, as sports, recreation and shopping. The second plot purchased recently by PROJECT Aspelohe 27 located in Norderstedt near Hamburg. The area of 15,000 m2 currently has a Hall complex used as a sports park, which will be demolished in the course of the conversion. The apartment building is in three sections. The sale amounts to 38 million. The construction of a residential district should include occasionally detached terraced and town houses in addition to floor housing setback floors. Ideal location for young families and commuters the thing Aspelohe 27 located in Norderstedt in the district Garstedt at the northern limit of the city of Hamburg.

The district Garstedt goes directly in the Hamburg district of Langenhorn. This results in an optimum connection to the Hanseatic City of Hamburg and the city. The immediate surroundings of the object property Aspelohe is characterized by a mostly open and growing residential areas, in the terraced houses and semi-detached houses form the focus. The close supply opportunities are very good. In addition, various social facilities such as doctors, pharmacies, kindergartens and schools in sufficient numbers are available. The site is also next to young families for commuters with reference point Hamburg ideally suited.