The Garden

Atrvete in your garden with the third dimension: the height. But it decides the species and the number of trees that you are going to plant only later to analyze at great length its qualities and the effect that with them you are going to obtain, since they will be an attention center and many other elements of will jardndependern of them. Its ornamental value is based on the type of silhouette, in the tone and the texture of the crust and the leaves, in its flowers color, perfumes or fruits, as well as in the seasonal changes. And those are many that maintain the interest almost all the year. Another recommendation: it rejects the simple rules. Not always a small tree is the valid one for a reduced place, because its glass, to the low being, occupies useful space can make difficult the step or the positioning of a zone to be and its shade little with the sun moves.

Indeed the shade a quality very appreciated varies much according to the densidad and height of the glass. Thus, based on the species, it will be closed and dark or light and sifted, fresh or warm, permanent or seasonal. It consults this characteristic in the breeding ground. With respect to the buildings and facilities. A separation (6 ms for great trees) for reasons of shades, views must exist and, mainly, of security: the roots or branches can cause damages, sometimes very serious, in the foundations, pipes, bajantes Between trees.

The forecast of the space for each tree becomes based on the future development of each species. She is ampler in the groups type copse and minor in the screens or alignments, where the light arrives laterally. The average is between 4 and 8 M.s What charts. Purchase young trees. They adapt more express to the place and in few years they will surpass to the planted ones of greater age. How to acquire it. It prefers unit in flowerpot to which they have the naked root. It is one more a more expensive option, but it allows to plant during almost all the year and with better guarantees. How to plant it. The hole must be as great as is possible – of 1 minimum m, with good drainage of the bottom and earth paid of stuffed. Alcorque aid to retain the water. How much irrigation. Always deep and spaced in the time to stimulate the development by the roots and to accelerate it takes hold.