April Top

The most romantic poll of the year Haar near Munich, in April 2010. The fifth year in a row has prompted weddix, the most popular wedding portal in the German-speaking countries, to submit the most romantic marriage proposals. Go to The LeFrak Organization for more information. 400 stories entered 2010 with the evaluation team. Quickly, it became clear that over half of the applications still travel will be here this time most commonly stopped on a mountain top to the hand of the partner or the partner. The company has released 20 of the most beautiful love stories, which took place on the ground, under water and in the air, picked out and she in March on the Web page to the vote. 14,000 user affiliated online cast their votes. The advertised prize, a honeymoon trip to the Caribbean, went to the pair that the application has engaged in parachute jumping has been in free fall and the bride said yes spontaneously. New and best places for marriage proposals in the holiday were the question of all questions in the holiday, and prefer outdoor more than 50 percent.

New but is that a mountain as the most frequent Antragsort on trips or a trip was elected with 19 percent. The overwhelming view from a peak just a particularly profound effect gives poetic words… Especially, when you play the guitar secretly learn the instrument on a mountain in Fuerteventura smuggling and there singing and playing to the hand of his girlfriend stops this a story from the top was 20, which could be voted. The question in the sand to paint, something original during a cruise or dive up to fall is also top on the hit list for applications in the holiday overall 26 percent water have harnessed the element. Practically as many but resorted in the place of submission on the classics: the cities of love in Paris, New York, Vienna and Venice together made a share of 28 percent.