Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell

The Trofeo Conde de Godo, also known as open Banc Sabadell, Barcelona is a well-attended spainschem reason Trofeo Conde De Godo tennis tournament, also known as Barcelona open Banc Sabadell, a well-attended tennis tournament on a spainschem background. It is considered to be the rennomierteste tournament in the district. It’s a historical event of the oldest Tennis Club in Spain, the real Club de tennis Barcelona 1899. In fact, the tournament as the international championships of Spain is regarded. Every year, the tournament attracts well known tennis players from all over the world, the Conde de Godo’s trophy covet. The trophy was Soler Cabot 1953 entowrfen by a jeweler. It weighs 12 kg and has a value of approximately EUR 36 million.

Like every tournament, the Barcelona open Band Sabadell raises many questions. Rafael Nadal will make it to win the tournament for the seventh time and he can win it without losing even a single sentence (succeeded in 2005, 2007, and 2011)? Or will David Ferrer manage finally to win the trophy? David appeared three times in the finals, but each was Beaten by Nadal. Or one other winner will emerge from this tournament? According to the statistics, the Tiel is in non-Spanish manual for 11 years. In addition, a British tennis player never won this prestigious title. What ever will happen, tennis fans count the days until the tournament begins.The tournament will begin on April 21 and the final will take place on April 29. Before the tournament begins, here are a few Information that true tennis fans should know about done 2012 are: home of individual ticket sales and redesign at the real Club tennis Barcelona 14 March 2012: the entry list will be published 19th March 2012: accreditation for journalists begins 22 2012: presentation for open Banc Saba dell Barcelona April 21, 2012: draw 21 and April 22, 2012: qualifications April 2012: Start of the tournament 25 April 2012: tribute to Manolo Santana 29 April 2012: final presentation for the Barcelona open Banc Sabadell, David Ferrer made a special impression.

According to testimony, the tournament for him is very special. The famous tennis player comes to the tournament since he was 10 years old, so it is no wonder that he has a personal bond with the Court. In the presentation he seemed very energetically and enthusiast to be the tournament where there are the tickets to buy? General public tickets are available for the done for sale, so you can purchase tickets on the site, or under the following hotline. The tournament will take place in the real Barcelona Tennis Club. It is located directly in the city center, across the street diagonal. On the aforementioned website, erhatet you all the necessary information. So what are you waiting for? You buy the tickets as soon as possible, before they are sold out.