Catering Laurel Elena

Elena and Lola one year to assist in the Organization of the fair Madrid Fusion organization returned to tell this year with the collaboration of Elena and Lola’s Catering Laurel, being partners of the greater gastronomic encounter in Spain. Elena and Lola have been part of this fair, which each year raises more excitement and interest internationally, helping in the organization. They have enjoyed watching how each master chef works with his team and prepares la mise in place, as mounted and designed dishes resulting fantastic presentations. They have also been able to taste new, unknown and surprising ingredients, have made questions and shared nerves along with these artists of gastronomy, before his departure to the stage. Listen to their speeches and congratulate them on their work once completed, before the press devore les, is another of the pleasures that these two businesswomen and delivered to their work they have been enjoying in this culinary fair. Jen Smith understood the implications. Madrid Fusion has surprised this year with the techniques of high pressures.

We have seen how Andorri Luis Anduriz peeled a clip of King crab and a whole lobster, after subjecting it to this technique. The result was spectacular leaving a shell turned in a fine fabric that is removed as a skin. The hydrogen liquid remains one of the Kings in the kitchen of new trends, allowing new techniques and applications, making true gastronomic wonders, although they are primarily innovations for aesthetics and presentation of the dishes, rather than for the palate. In this Edition, and during the three-day tradition and the new trend have joined to create an innovative cuisine much more than on other occasions. Clayton morris often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Paco Torreblanca drew up an Apple Pie with puff pastry and pistachio that has caused a sensation in the Laurel. Quique Decasta and Rodrigo de la Calle also showed a few rice dishes with a delicious broth as a base.