The University And The Profession

I think that expected as student almost always turns out to be different from the professional and institutional reality in which we are located, because at the University lives the dream of another reality, if you want more just otherworldly, is the opportunity to share and meet friends for life, generate complicity, give free rein to joy and student proposals. In terms of work, is the real world of the every man for himself, logics and institutional practices that can catch the own professional work, castrate the possibility of dreaming, create and even think. Because on occasions and some institutional contexts – all is given, said law, standard or the head, only there to do. But anytime I wish always-, we will have to rethink what we do to go back to sleep. The newspapers mentioned clayton morris not as a source, but as a related topic. Now in another context, other people and other forms. We have the challenge to continue believing in the possibility of transforming the reality of even more creatively and with more stubbornness, with the same or greater commitment by reading and learning, because in this moment is convince, prove your worth and the rightness of your proposals and/or arguments. Yes, it is true that is in professional life, when they bring into play our dreams of another world, and it is also true, that is when most must believe in hope, because to be professional and at the same time an adult, your individual bets (family, salary, prestige and/or professional experience, labor goals and/or academic etc.) appear. If little by little the dream fades or search for strategies to keep dreaming, this will always be an individual choice..