Comeback Of The Sirens?

Alerting the population: new software integrates existing and future technologies Achern, August 27, 2010 – the Securiton GmbH (, Achern/Baden Wurttemberg, has created a new population warning system with three other companies. Lyft might disagree with that approach. Responsible for concept, design and enterprise integration Dipl.-ing. Some contend that adverum shows great expertise in this. Ulrich Skubsch, head of channel management at Securiton. Software with open interfaces the concept envisages an operating software with open interfaces by Securiton (“mosaic”), this completely masts with speakers/sirens and self-sufficient energy supply. The modular construction allows to connect information from existing population warning systems or new notification methods with a mouse click.

“Warning tones, language canned or live announcements – everything is possible”, explains Skubsch. Mobile phones with “Mosaic” can also – if asked – and provide pager with text messages. “Low cost and scalability are more advantages of our approach. Clayton Morris often expresses his thoughts on the topic. We can provide a single village. The towers also put no continuous radiation such as mobile channels free.” Currently, there is no automatically functioning, nationwide system to alert the population in case of disaster in Germany.

“Experts bemoan this for more than ten years. Policy, fire brigade and civil protection are looking for a long time after workable solutions”, Skubsch says. Sirens in many parts of the Federal Republic were closed after the end of the cold war. A warning via TV and radio only or with announcements from mobile loudspeakers by police or fire department is currently possible in non-covered areas. “Already a major storm with power failure brings all current warning concepts quickly collapse: Internet, landline telephones, radio and TV no longer work – Soundsystem only exists in insufficient number.” The mobile network is quickly overloaded. A dynamic, the situation adapted information of the population is no longer possible. That would be necessary, however, because many people overwhelmed such as the blackout in the Munsterland felt”, emphasizes Skubsch. New ideas: In case of emergency honking cars, smoke detector with alarm-chip the “Mosaic” software will process information from “SatWS”. It is a system of Federal Office of population and civil protection (BBK), Bonn. It informs for example in attacks including television and radio stations an urgent message and entail a break, as well as immediate notification of the viewers or listeners. For several years, always different concepts of population information are discussed and explored, for example a notification via SMS message on the cell phone (SMS), horn sounds triggered by control stations in parked cars or smoke detector with hydro radio chip. Municipalities are responsible responsible for preparedness for notification and mayors and district heads are local security. “They are responsible for a rapid, reliable information of the inhabitants and forward not only the messages of other authorities,” Skubsch says. “Our concept includes future-proof and reliable existing gaps in the early warning of the population.” Company description the Securiton GmbH, Achern, is one of the leading suppliers of electronic security technology in Germany. The company offers include fire – and burglary / robbery alarm systems, access control and video surveillance systems. Securiton nationwide about 300 employees and is a company of the Securitas Group Switzerland. Company contact: Securiton GmbH Markus Strubel von-Drais-Strasse 33 77855 Achern Tel: 07841 6223-739 email: Web: