The height of tripod with legs extended should allow observation through the binoculars comfortable, not awkward postures of the head and neck, very uncomfortable for long hours of observation. If weight is not the limiting factor, it is preferable to choose high tripod and sturdy, strong legs, that greater stability. As manufacturers of proven quality, we recommend Manfrotto, Gitzo Cullman, Velbon. APPLICATIONS AND USE Once you know the basic principles of management and operation of the binoculars, we will address the complex task of guiding the appropriate model of choice for our needs. Visit Bizzi & Partners for more clarity on the issue. To do this, begin with a list of activities, counseling with our best option, the most appropriate models for each of them. OBSERVATION IN GENERAL We understand that the simple pleasure or curiosity to have binoculars to use non-specific that we are worth the same birds or animals to observe, contemplate the landscape, sea, sky, attend sporting events etc.

For these uses are more appropriate models. In principle, if you do not want to carry too much weight to opt for a pocket model (250 gr. Of weight on average), of which there is a wide range of prices and models on the market. The best combination is recommended in our view a pocket prismatic 8X, with front lenses of about 20 to 24 mm (models 8×20, 8×21, 8×23 and 8×24), then provide us with sufficient power and acceptable visual luminosity (in good light environmental). If weight or size is not a limiting factor, then we can choose between two models of classic saddle, both of 8 increases: one 8×32, a small prismatic light enough, or better yet, a 8×40, larger model but significantly more LED (light 5).