Automotive News teaches us a preview of the alpha 4 c Concept which is nothing more than a Coupe classic, light and rear-wheel drive which in the future will be part of the Alfa Romeo range. The Quattroute magazine has provided this advancement and continues to be an image generated by computer with quite a few overtones of quite approaching reality. The 4 c is not directly inspired by the precious 8 c Competizione while they have many aspects in common. True inspiration would be the classic Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale. It was a limited, very limited edition of a Coupe sports a stylish and desirable characteristics to enjoy the road: two-seater, light in its structure, engine in rear position with wide power and traction to the rear axle. In 1967 the 33 Stradale offered 230 HP thanks to a V8 engine of 2.0 liters but offered it to very few; only 18 units were manufactured to become all an object of collectors Mr.

The 4 c would be the famous 1.75 TBi, a gasoline seen direct injection turbocharged in the Giulietta QV, which would offer more than 250 Horsepower. The idea would not be beating the competition by power but by his relationship with the weight. Alfa could reach the brand of the 850 Kg of empty weight thanks to the base of the KTM X-Bow on which the 4 c would be based. Full bodywork that distinguishing the KTM would be made of composites such as carbon fiber. Assuming that you finally have that power would be talking about 3.4 Kg/CV. The anticipation of starting for the Alfa Romeo 4 c beginning by his production at end of year and its sale later on Europe at approximately 45,000 euros. With this data in hand to my sounds to me that here can leave a serious competitor to the current demands although my healthy disbelief I don’t think that you can have that price.