Managing Director

\”On the occasion of its tenth anniversary, the Agency for alternative advertising is their ‘media ‘manifest before Munich, February 19, 2010: the webguerillas put forward a comprehensive position paper for a future system for the measurement of media values: in their published today media manifesto\” ( the leading full-service agency for alternative advertising lists twelve theses on the future media measurement. At the same time, the position paper contains specific approaches for new media planning tools that take into account the success of Web 2.0. The webguerillas, which this year celebrate their tenth anniversary, want the media manifesto\”significantly advance the development of a new media solution and conventional range measures such as spectators, reader and listener number with new parameters such as Facebook fans, twitter followers, Retweets and comments make comparable. The focus is quite clear on the practice-oriented evaluation of contact quality in comparison to How to contact with quantity. \”Experience from ten years of agency life, consisting of from day-to-day and intensive dealing with media and contacts from the Web 2.0, have the knowledge led to that the legacy media currencies for the new\” channel may no longer apply.

A contemporary media planning and assessment must acknowledge the involvement gained through social media, according to the real meaning. High-quality contacts via blog posts, Twitter Retweets or Facebook fans do not adequately evaluated in so far practiced media planning\”, so David Eicher, Managing Director of webguerillas. To determine the value of such contacts and to make, in particular planning technical predictable requires new models and media-currencies, which meet the changing media usage and enable a conversion between old and new currency. The approaches are as the actual use of the media respond better to understand a first sketch for a radically changed media planning\”, so Eicher. The theses and claims the webguerillas in detail: Communities versus classical content sites: social communities run ranked the classic media, content sites and portals currently in favor of the user.