Construction Of Concrete Blocks

Construction – an industry that is in constant development. Enterprises, profiling in the production of building materials improve their technology to improve their performance. However. The art of erecting buildings, increasing their strength, durability and economy also does not stand still. On the one hand, such a rapid development of the construction industry due to the increasing popularity of individual housing.

One popular method of construction is the construction of concrete blocks. Its advantage compared with other building materials are evident. But, first things first. We begin with the the concept of porous concrete. Thus, the aerated concrete is a mixture of portland cement, water, fine-grained sand, quick lime and aluminum paste. In aerated concrete mixer, they are mixed until a homogeneous mass, then poured into molds.

Solidified mass is cut into blocks which are then treated with steam under high temperature (180-200C). So there is concrete, which is later used in the construction of houses. Construction of concrete blocks had its admirers, including in the northern regions of our country. This is due to high frost resistance of aerated concrete. He stands up to a hundred cycles freezing and thawing, so the construction of concrete blocks continues to gain momentum in regions with low air temperature. Plus the use of such units in their assembly, which is carried out on a mixture of glue or foundation. This provides a guarantee Safety of education "cold bridges" that are not insured homes built with mortar. Construction of the concrete blocks used as a low-rise construction. and erecting tall buildings. It is used as an ingredient in concrete wall frames. In addition, aerated concrete blocks reduce the pressure on the foundation of the house, so developers in order to save and improve Quality construction is preferred brick building of concrete blocks. Aerated concrete blocks are preferable from the standpoint of insulation.