Consumer Price Connection

The adequacy of the owners of commercial premises is clear already at the stage negotiations, in some cases seen at the discussion stage of the lease. Costs of opening the store. Before deciding to lease the premises will not be superfluous departure of experts to assess the repairs to forge communication on issues of document tracking, as sometimes there are hidden costs that are up close work with the room not visible. Price question on opening the store is different, depends on the condition of the building and its preparedness, but if we take as an example of premises in the state "under the finish, is the following: Street Retail Shopping Center Fee for finding up to 100% rent by owner, directly Matching services of the city and verification 1000-20000 $ instances, about 2 months all ready to repair the premises from $ 100 per square meters., part of rental is payable on repairs from $ 100 per sq. m. + Coordination of actions with the Professional Code more electricity from $ 1000 up to 1 kW, from 3 months In agreement with the uk, up to 1 month Consumer Price Connection + Caller. pay a user fee for commercial lines of San node staff from 1000 $, 1 month, there is a local advertising signboards, approvals from 2 weeks by agreement with the uk can be seen from the table, many of the costs when opening the store in the mall just disappear, and time are reduced, which also reduces costs, besides eliminating the need for expensive frame, the decisive questions approvals and negotiation and inspection bodies company. .