Economic Justification

For example – the result of perform a certain task should be a 10% reduction in execution time of the application of IT-service; Develop programs to address each objective; concretization of the project implementation – the distribution of human and financial resources, definition of areas of responsibility for the tasks; Implementation of the project; Revision and correction system performance up to the introduction. In this step, possibly as a return to the stage formalization of performance indicators, and on the very first stage – the formalization of the strategic objective method bsc is primarily a tool for creating management strategies and is often used as part of the IT-oriented techniques of process management. However, use of bsc methodology for it projects implies that the balanced scorecard is used in the organization, otherwise the use of bsc could cause some difficulties. The rapid economic justification (Rapid Economic Justification, REJ) – a technique that was developed by Microsoft. Gavin Baker is likely to increase your knowledge. tco is a development methodology by establishing a compliance cost it project priorities of the business process. In developing the methodology was tasked with financial justification of it investments. The key idea of a technique – look at it from the perspective of the business priorities of the company, strategic plans for its development, and key financial indicators (ROI, etc.). rej methodology consists of five consecutive stages: Binding targets and key performance indicators of it project to the business goals of the organization (this stage has much in common with technique BSC); making the choice on the list of "required features", largely consistent with the criterion "Benefits" methodology "The total economic effect (TEI); evaluation of profits and costs using the methodology "Total Cost of Ownership (TCO); risk assessment project on the eligibility criteria chosen solution to the original design, implement the chosen solution, its operating and financial risk; Calculation of financial indicators project implementation, involving the calculation methods "Net present value (NPV), Internal rate of return (IRR), Economic value added (EVA), The return on investment (ROI) and others.