Caucasian Shepherd Puppies

The owner of a choice is made, and the Caucasian Shepherd puppy moved into your home. As a general rule, puppies Caucasian sheep bought at the age of 1,5-3,5 months. Experienced people will tell you that after 4 months of the Caucasian Shepherd Puppies much less amenable to education and "suggestible", respectively, have difficulty in adapting the Caucasian Shepherd puppy to your family. Little Caucasian Shepherd puppy, especially during the cold season, moved first in your apartment (or house), even if he subsequently destined role of caretaker of the yard. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Richard LeFrak. Of course, the "Caucasian-wolfhound" – more suitable for keeping a dog in a fenced area, rather than in an apartment. Caucasian Shepherd Dog – territorial dog that is ideal for protecting any object, but space is limited to her cramped apartment, and, as a rule, it would prefer a lower temperature than provide us with radiators central heating. But there are examples, and plenty of them when the "Caucasians" quietly live in apartments of multi-storey houses and feel good. Little puppy Caucasian Shepherd, despite their "cold resistance, yet First settled with us, but not in the yard, as it requires a lot of attention, needs care, nurturing and feeding it is often necessary – up to 4 times a day. In addition, he has not completely vaccinated.