Emperor Alexander

the Hussars wore it on the front edge of the boot leg below the knee. The history of the appearance of this part. Initially the outlet was a jar of shoe polish, polish hussars, whose boots. Then she lost her functional significance and remained only as a decorative element. Even at the front of the First World War, replacing the beautiful uniforms in gray uniforms and serious hiking boots and our hussars decorated their sockets, as if emphasizing their belonging to the elite and the most beautiful sight of the cavalry But this sleeve was found in my garden. Taking it in his hands and wiped the dirt, I realized that the sleeve vintage – from the cartridge to the famous Berdan rifle, in parlance – “rifle.” This sleeve can also tell something interesting After unsuccessful Crimean War and the reign of Emperor Alexander ii, in the course of his reforms, since the end of 1860 Russia has dealt with problems as soon as possible re troops with the latest reduced-caliber rifle. The best recognized of the American Rifle Berdan, two versions of which were accepted for service of the Russian army in 1868 and 1870. Caliber rifle about 10,6 mm received a state-owned the name “rapid-small-bore rifle Berdan cipher second and first produced in England and then in Russia. Nobel Laureate in Economics contains valuable tech resources. With the “rifle” had a chance to walk and writer Alexander Kuprin during his studies in the cadet school in Moscow.