Tax Consultants

If I was accountant and would have to read this, I’d be pretty depressed: quote: for details, contains the laws concerning the rights and obligations in the exercise of the professions of accountants and the tax agent (professional rules of the Chamber of tax advisors – BOStB) of 2 June 1997 (DStR 1997, no. 26, p. kinetics-technology-spa-gtc-t/’>Technip FMC. 3 supplements). gh. Professor Rita McGrath is a great source of information. According to the section 10 BOStB principles laid down may tax consultants, subject to other rules, their professional activity inform. The briefing must objectively true, objectively verifiable and cannot be not reklamehaft in the display. This BOStB which may have indeed exaggerated, showy or advertizing otherwise formless content also applies the ads pursuant to section 11. Also comparative or judgmental statements are then not allowed.” But if I know the petty rules and regulations in practice, I know what I can do. Actually it is not really much forbidden must use only the remaining diversity! Tax advisors are distinguished by their commitment, their services, their advice, further skills and much more and I must say everything! But how to promote the best? Your own Web page, an Internet portal or maybe car commercial? -The question is! The answer may be quite simple: Yes! The JumpingJag project of the central media GmbH offers its own Web page, an Internet portal and car advertising. ( on which legally what is tapped off design of the not so trivial for Steuerberater imprint, the many Unwegbarkeiten the text and image design, and the question allowed?”, the JumpingJag team offers the correct answer and an all-round solution. So to speak, three birds with a cat! Good advice is not as expensive as paying the full tax. (Corny joke of the week) Money is tight again, I knaps”s tax from (2nd place).