Evaluate Activites

A second key concept to be defined, is the formulation of mission "to formulate a real purpose is what distinguishes a company from other similar. A formulation mission identifies the scope of company operations in the areas of product and market. " A formulation mission incorporates the philosophy of the strategists of an organization. Reveals the concept of an organization, its principal product or service and the main needs of the client that the firm intends to satisfy. In short, a formulation of clear and meaningful mission describes the values and priorities of an organization. A formulation mission shows a long-term vision of an organization in terms of who wants to be and who wish to serve. McGinnia According to the formulation of a company must: Define which is the organization and what it aspires to be. Be specific enough to exclude certain activities and wide enough to allow creative growth.

Distinguish one organization from all others. Serve as a framework for evaluating current and future activities. Be made in clear terms that can be understood in any company. It has been written, that the mission statement is a statement of concept and attitudes rather than specific details, at least two important reasons, is generally wide in scope: first, because a formulation of broad mission allows the study and the generation of a wide range of goals and strategies feasible management without stifling creativity. Although the mission should be broad in scope, we must be careful to develop a formulation that includes all strategic options, since otherwise would make it useless.