King Solomon

The day he started this work, a landmark in town, King's desire to do, spread the subjects to please. On the other hand, one could say that each of the artists and designers of the kingdom, took or refused to take part in planning and major project proposal of the boat. All its citizens one way or another wanted to approach the king, and this was an excellent way to do it. In turn, the King who was convinced that this would be a long, uplifting, a l wanted for some of his wives or concubines queens, which would send into exile, give them comfort and luxury. The ship itself had no individual cabins as today, but had several very large rooms which were used for this purpose.

Give in to one of the rooms designed to house and play the role of bedrooms, we would realize what was at the end of its decoration, it was so to speak classical regarding usual, had taken meticulous care to the existing play in the quarterfinals of the wives in the palace, this aspect was something suggested to the architects and designers directly by Solomon himself, as well supposedly achieved thus making these women, more comfortable journey. By locating within the chambers were at last, we can be clear about what you could see, stood on the floor a number of skins which served as mattresses, and these in turn would serve to alleviate any fears and chills . Attached to the walls were some large furniture such as cabinets which would keep the belongings of each of the women.