Gaby Gunther

Security criteria, which a dog harnesses are urgent for sale October 13, 2009 / Gaby Gunther tried many manufacturers in the last few years, to produce chest harnesses for dogs. Again, the original JULIUS K9 breast harness served as a template. An entrepreneur or a company invents a very good product, put many competitors on this success and try to copy these products more or less well. Unfortunately, these copies can very quickly go to loads of dog and owner and suddenly represent a high security risk for the participants. Multiple cases have been known in the past, where at first use chest harnesses are torn, the dogs this way were suddenly free-running and dog and owner were in life-threatening situations.

Preventive in all dog owners should be informed, what to avoid when buying a comfortable and above all secure chest harness for dog and owner: 1. material please make sure that the chest harness not made of cheap plastic is manufactured. Here is the danger of tearing during sudden, high pressure. Dogs sweat under this cheap material, especially if it is not breathable and skin-friendly lining. Beneficial for skin irritations and allergic reactions. 2. chest and abdominal belt sure please go to premium seat belts with good fit and cushioning.

The dog not side it can escape. The buckle must be adapted to the shape of the body of the dog and should not press into the skin. 3. access control you please, whether the handle made of solid material and is lockable. He is not lockable, the dog at freewheel on branches or similar get caught up and potentially harm. 4. Please ensure stress, whether the product has passed a crash test and is also advised. The risk of sudden, high pressure. The dishwasher does not bear the burden and can tear. The dog is a danger for road traffic – suddenly freewheeling -, the participants People and self.