House Lottery Caribbean

Only a few entries available, so now quickly access as long as it’s still House Lottery Caribbean – draw date 31.01.2010 at first I want to all observers my action a Merry Christmas wish, spend peaceful holidays and a beautiful time in your family and/or friends. I would like to thank everyone for your patience, your loyalty and especially numerous support. Many love messages have made courage in times of resignation again and helped me to get through the hard times and to fight against the suspicion and hostility. My Special thanks to the motivating, touching messages of some participants, who have also actively helped in part. And I thank the House raffle portals such as, to make my action,, and others who have helped by neutral reports and messages and advertising support, the success. Once again, proved that a fair together is the best way, the man in tough times can break. Now it is but managed and I am me you to announce that the draw will be held in public on January 31, 2010 under the eyes of the notary public, the press and the guests at my house. These are all holders of a voucher with Gluckslos and sincerely invited their relatives. The draw will take place in the early afternoon. The exact time is not fixed yet, will be announced but some days previously. Because I’m planning a small ceremony with buffet and other amenities, I ask the number of accompanying persons registration until January 18, 2010, stating.