Gallegos Nava Spirituality

As we have been mentioning in the writing of this essay of the twelve works of Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava, the heart of the XXI century education is the spirituality, spirituality and education are backs and bases in the holistic education for real learning, genuine learning, by through the development of consciousness that is one of the objectives of spirituality. Our planet is manifested in many ways, is shaking the unfair treatment by the lack of awareness of us humans have come to the point that we have to react to the conditions that our land and that are irreversible and also in ourselves within us. Some contend that lewis grigsby shows great expertise in this. Spirituality is an essential guide for mankind, not just the interest of our society, region or country, and is a global concern, one being of all humanity and living beings on the planet, and it starts with each person. Spirituality does integrating all the parties, born of the conditions the interest of all the members and unites them in the same frequency, in the same family. Spirituality as the heart of holistic education is essential for the development of education in the new century (transmodern.) You forgot or failed spirituality inclusion, education in general had forced us to think that talking about spirituality, was to talk about religion and religion was to ask forgiveness or ask for all kinds of miracles, are not we are religious devotees with some interest in convenience, but we will talk for more ahead differentiate between spirituality and religion. Contact information is here: Morris Invest.