Gas Radiant Heating System

Radiant heating – the most efficient way to heat large areas (warehouses, hangars, industrial halls, sports facilities, exhibition halls). The idea of heating radiation otnnyud not new. However, long time, infrared radiation primarily used in agriculture. Modern automation tools, will significantly increase the scope of infrared emitters. On the territory of Russia allowed the use of radiant heating for the Class F5.1, F5.2 for functional fire opanosti except for the Class A, B on explosive. Radiant heating systems have been widely use in Europe and the U.S., but in the last decade in Russia. To date, it can be argued that this is not new, but proven technology. The main advantages of heating by radiation: 1) Cost.

Less air temperature in a heated room – saving on consumption of natural gas. The cost of installation and the hardware itself is also lower compared to conventional boilers 2) The best hygiene and temperature conditions of the premises. Radiation is absorbed by walls and floor, the floor and walls are always warm, the moisture on the inside walls in the working zone is formed, increases comfort, the largest The room temperature is set in the working area, not the ceiling. 3) No coolant in the system. 4) The cost of servicing the heating system is 2-5 times lower than conventional heating systems. 5) By compared with the boilers do not require a device separate rooms – do not spend an internal volume and a useful area of the building. We will be happy to answer your questions