Holidays In San Gimignano, The Land Of The Etruscans

San Gimignano is in Italy in the Tuscany region and since 1990 is considered by UNESCO as cultural heritage of humanity. San Gimignano is a small medieval walled town, built on top of the hills of Tuscany. This town is very famous for its medieval architecture especially its towers. In the Tuscan walled villages medieval times, wealthy families vied with each other with the erection of towers between higher symbolized more power and wealth, while the towers were used as hostels, strengths, and of course, symbols of prestige. San Gimignano has managed to retain about 15 of its towers of different heights. Because San Gimignano sits on top of a hill from the village you can see very well the horizon several miles away, so the views of the Tuscan region are lovely. In the Middle Ages and the Renaissance was a break point in the march of pilgrimages to Rome or the Vatican.

The modern town now stretches a few kilometers outside the wall. Learn more at: Nobel Laureate in Economics. The most famous monuments are the cathedral, the museum of medieval torture of criminology, the church of San Agostino, the People's Palace, the Museum of Sacred Art, the Etruscan museum, Piazze della and a Cisternaa Torre Grossaa . San Gimignano is located about 35 minutes drive northwest of the city of Siena and about the same distance southwest of the city of Florence. San Gimignano is famous not only for its monuments and its history but also for its beauty. Because of its beautiful scenery San Gimignano is an ideal place for a holiday. Prima Tower The house is situated on a hill opposite San Gimignano and offers a wonderful view of the city and the towers. The villa is divided into apartments of various sizes and different structures and guarantees guests a pleasant stay in the middle of nature. More information in the website.