Teachers Day Gift

Days a year, when congratulating the teachers? not so much. Teachers greet the Day of Knowledge, 5th October 2008 the world celebrates Teachers' Day, well, the birthday of his favorite teacher, as a rule, do not forget. Each of these dates are close and understandable, because we all have behind them eight to ten years in the walls of the school, such as ourselves, students, and, of course, representatives of the most important profession in the world – teachers. You might ask why the profession is most important? And how could it be otherwise? After all, teachers have to deal with the most subtle and delicate matter – with the children's souls. And they have no room for error. We, the parents trust the teacher the most precious thing we have the sincere hope that it will not only to teach our children, but also to educate them in our absence.

Yes, exactly. Upbringing and educational process is closely among themselves. And when avert child to kindergarten or school, we like to give a consent that educator and teacher, will replace our children ourselves. At least for a while. Does that surprise you? Do not agree? Well, for example, recall Alexander Pushkin.

Who since the birth of his educated? Nurse. And every person in our country, thanks to the verses of the Russian poet, knows her name. It is known that his own mother so it takes them less likely, the relationship between mother and son were very complicated, think of it Pushkin did not like …