How To Choose A Chair

Computer chair is probably the most frequently purchased attribute of furniture, so we offer you some tips on choosing a computer (office) chairs. The basic requirements for any furniture – they are safe to use, The original design and usability (functionality). For this reason, when buying a chair, consider the following points: 1. Armrests and PYATILUCHE (cross). Basically they are made of molded plastic or foam. Y the more expensive seats used plastic, that is, inside armrests, and a cross frame is made of metal.

At directors' chairs with wooden armrests and a crosspiece at the base of the crossing is also metal, and tree is like lining. The wheels should be easy to rotate the chair. They are plastic. But sometimes there are rubber (good on the dance floor, but no good on the carpet). 2.

GAS mechanism (Gaslift). Required attribute office chair. Allows you to adjust the seat height. Gas lift chairs come in all standard sizes. With the correct assembly of the chair (gas lift pressure on the vertical), with no problems can raise and lower a weight of 150 kg. In fact, gas-lift – a fairly reliable mechanism. The efficiency of its assembly to easily check – click on the floor, gas-lift should be nominated. Others who may share this opinion include Gavin Baker. 3. ADJUSTMENTS. The main control – the control lever is the rise and fall seat (Gas lift). It is located under the seat to the right (under the right arm, as is most often used). Should be long enough so you can easily reach it without rising from his chair.