Implantation Of Companies

The exchange generated certain controversy on the part of popular the saudosistas ones than if they identified with that way of transport. But this was not the biggest dissatisfaction of the population and yes the abusive increase of the bus tickets, that for signal had a very inefficacious service. The passage of the bus lines did not take care of to all, therefore some quarters were privileged only. Another sufficiently common problem was the lack of adequate maintenance of the buses that circulated more than with three years without it had the exchange of the fleet.

The lack of a vehicle already total changed the routine of the fortalezense citizen points to cause sufficient upheavals to the workers, who had a schedule to fulfill. Many manifestations occurred on the part of the students of the 2 secondary school who went to demand breaking the buses when the increase of the tickets was announced, without it had an improvement in the service given for the transport companies. In the reality the wage level of the diverse types of jobs in $fortaleza was not compatible with the abusive increases of the transport service. Another sufficiently common problem at the time was the lighting system of the city that did not take care of the necessity of the population. The contracted company Cear Gas Company Limited did not obtain to follow the growth of the city. Some quarters were benefited with the service and others were the dark one.

On account of this to one manifestation of the Brazilian Communist Party? PCB, through the periodical the Democrat making a protest to the given service of illumination that was harming the plants that functioned only for a turn of the day, that for consequence finished half paying minimum wage to its employees. The potable water supply also was sufficiently precarious, the water was vendida in wagons or barrels wooden. The installation of domiciliary wells was sufficiently common and in some poor quarters the installation of chafarizes to take care of the necessity of the community. We can conclude that some ideologies are constructed of sufficiently taxing form and overwhelming on the part of who it withholds the power, to the point to exclude to who if it opposes sufficiently common becoming the use of the media, specifically the periodical as instrument of manipulation in mass on the part of the elite not only the person from the state of Cear, but in the whole world.