Improved Living Conditions

The Agency, upon presentation by citizens notice of registration requiring improvement of living conditions or to participate in the Program directs them to join one of the storage systems, operating under the Programme, is preparing a package of documents, enter the information into its database. At the 2 groups of participants the obligation to join one of the storage systems are not covered. Upon confirmation of entry to the collecting system of the Agency receives and records 3 copies of an application for a contract of employment. Statements of citizens are notifying character. For members of Group 1 declaration is filed after the adoption of the Department's list of young families, which includes a petitioner.

The participants of 2 groups of applications are accepted without the entry in the collecting system in their statement to participate in the Program. Applications for participation in the program are taken from 3 groups of participants only after their entry into one of the storage systems. Management programs to ensure need to improve the living conditions of the Department (Office of the sales) based on a list of applications to participate in the program under a contract of employment passes the square in the center of rental housing and a copy of the order of passes in Management at jsc. Management at ab forms a personal matter based on the Program participants registered with the Agency requests for contract employment. Based on the notification of vacant dwellings from the Center Management in the ao verifies housing program participants, maintain participants groups ii and iii of labor relations with organizations that provide inspection pass for an apartment, preparing project orders of the prefect of ao to provide premises for lease (deadline – no more than 20 working days), and transmits to the Center of rental housing package of documents required for a contract of employment.