In Moscow

At such sites are stored in the first place palletized products with a long turnover and specific requirements storage, such as cosmetics and perfumes, as well as foods such as tea and coffee. Often tenants Class A warehouse premises in size from 3 thousand to 10 thousand or even 20 thousand square meters are large Western corporations, working in Russia. Class B can enter the area, located in the capital one-or multi-storey buildings, some fruit and vegetable bases, trade, transport and other enterprises. These facilities were built without modern requirements and are usually located in areas with limited road access for heavy vehicles. However, most of these databases are branch lines that can receive and ship goods rail. "Generally speaking, the former fruit and vegetable bases difficult to attribute to any class, – said Igor base (company-AKRUS Property"). – Rather, it is a separate category of objects. In Moscow, a lot of bases itself various sizes – from 20 thousand to 200 thousand square meters. About 80% of these enterprises are unheated room, made on the principle of the thermos. That is, the temperature inside the chambers at the warehouses is about +3 +5 C in winter and +12 C summer. All this makes the database more attractive for companies that manufacture and sell beer, juices, mineral water and so forth. " Prices on the area of vegetable bases approximately similar, if not take into account the first floor – the most "plum", which is usually occupied by beer companies.