Indispensable Member Boss

Just remember an event that happened to me on the student's practice, when I was in college. In general, during the break I talked with one adjuster, who worked at the plant for several years: – During business hours, I I can just hang out in the shop, do nothing and no one word against me will not say – he boasted. – Why? – I'm irreplaceable. The machine breaks down, no one except me to fix If you really are indispensable, is it worth to apply this tactic for what would "knock out" themselves pay raises, vacation time convenient to you or the opportunity to leave during working hours on business? I must say that blackmail never led to anything good. Employer will simply look for a more pliant officer, and as absolutely indispensable people do not, sooner or later find it. It's only a matter of time. Much more competent strategy is that to create a personal contact with his supervisor, who in the future, can cover you or your interests to lobby in front of superiors. If you have only one over the head, it is best simply human agreement, without resorting to blackmail.

However, if you you have the opportunity to become an indispensable, be sure to use it, then the head becomes more tractable, of course, if you're not just talking about his indispensability. Generally, the main principle of manipulation is, what would the man himself decided to do what you need, not knowing that you are manipulating them. In conclusion, a bit about the techniques of establishing personal contacts: – more often to treat chocolate secretary or a worker of the personnel department. Often, the Secretary may affect what he thinks about you boss. It also may cover you in case anything happens. – Maintain an informal relationship with colleagues. – Provide the boss a little personal service. For example, one friend of mine, when she learned that her boss needs nanny for a child, she immediately brought him to his girlfriend, who wanted to earn his nurse. As a result, the boss began to treat her favorably and could cover up if she is absent for work time on business.