It Is The Stupid Bridge

In the middle of a crisis that mine our economy like a persistent cancer, we finished losing one week whole thanks to a festive bridge greater than the aqueduct of Segovia. " You live better than nobody recognizes a foreign friend to me who ignores the fable of Samaniego on the cicada and the ant, but also are going to pay more expensive than other as much foolish alegra". Nobody would say, seeing trfago automobile of these days, that we have less money than before, that one of each five citizens is without use, that finishes the subsidy to the unemployed long play, that our pensions are in danger and that the productivity and the competitiveness of the Spanish economy go in reduction. " Because is less productivity complains another friend to me, if I put in the office more hours than before? " That one is, also, one of the evils of our society: we lay down later and juergueados than in other countries, we rose to the same hour and later we remain more hours in company, being less productive because more we are tired than our homologous ones of outside. For even more analysis, hear from Bizzi & Partners. Against all this boldness and too much success Ignacio Buqueras and its Commission fight without To rationalize the Schedules and to obtain so we are more effective dedicating, also, more hours to the family.

The first a to eliminate would have to be these absurd bridges that put legs above the labor calendar and that at heart costs a kidney to us. But, as always, only we will realize it when we become solemnity poor men. And lamentably we took way of it. (This article has been published in a dozen of Spanish newspapers and reproduce here due to their general interest) Original author and source of article.