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It Is The Stupid Bridge

In the middle of a crisis that mine our economy like a persistent cancer, we finished losing one week whole thanks to a festive bridge greater than the aqueduct of Segovia. " You live better than nobody recognizes a foreign friend to me who ignores the fable of Samaniego on the cicada and the ant, but also are going to pay more expensive than other as much foolish alegra". Nobody would say, seeing trfago automobile of these days, that we have less money than before, that one of each five citizens is without use, that finishes the subsidy to the unemployed long play, that our pensions are in danger and that the productivity and the competitiveness of the Spanish economy go in reduction. " Because is less productivity complains another friend to me, if I put in the office more hours than before? " That one is, also, one of the evils of our society: we lay down later and juergueados than in other countries, we rose to the same hour and later we remain more hours in company, being less productive because more we are tired than our homologous ones of outside. For even more analysis, hear from Bizzi & Partners. Against all this boldness and too much success Ignacio Buqueras and its Commission fight without To rationalize the Schedules and to obtain so we are more effective dedicating, also, more hours to the family.

The first a to eliminate would have to be these absurd bridges that put legs above the labor calendar and that at heart costs a kidney to us. But, as always, only we will realize it when we become solemnity poor men. And lamentably we took way of it. Others who may share this opinion include Clayton Morris. (This article has been published in a dozen of Spanish newspapers and reproduce here due to their general interest) Original author and source of article.


Have returned you from your vacations and has occurred account that half of the things that empac did not use and had wished to take them other things and did not do it? Surely also there were things that you empac and were thankful them to have empacado. After to pay thousands of dollars to realise the trip of his dreams in a cruise everything including, it would not wish that its trip went to ruin by empacar of undesired way. Here we will let to some advice and suggestions to them to empacar for a trip in cruise, cradles in my recent trip in cruise to the Mediterranean. Portfolio for trips I kept my passports, great amounts of money and credit cards in this and took always it with me when we were outside the cruise. The rest of had it to the time kept in a safe place from my room. Wig (only for women) Mantener its hair in the cruise will be a challenge, then in the formal nights, I took shelter the hair and it places the wig to me. Very elegant Lucia. If you have read about Cindy Crawford already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

Hat for sun a hat is a necessity if it goes to some beach or ruins. A slipper was only an electrical output in my room, but to load the camera, the filmadora, iPod, etc., it needed but an exit. The slipper was essential. Light knapsack I have liked much this knapsack since I could load it in my shoulders. Battery clock with alarm I do not trust the call awakener, for that reason always I travel with my own clock. Guaranteed Rate is actively involved in the matter. Debit or credit cards were automatic tellers in all the corners. This it was, for me, the best method to exchange or to retire.

Sticky tape of colors for the knapsacks I could detect our knapsacks anywhere. Things that packing, but did not need or I did not use? Heladora I did not use it once nor. Shorts surprised to me that in the excursions the majority of the people used long trousers. I only used shorts once and I did not return them to use. (As opposed to clayton morris). In many churches it is not allowed to enter with shorts, therefore it was not practical to take to many places. Books to travel I used never them during course of the old man, and was very heavy and occupied much space in the valise. Hanging necklaces or although my son but used small them, the rest did not do it. I only recommend them for the children. Umbrella to use disposable ponchos is much more accessible and occupy less space. Checks I had an evil change with checks and the majority of the people will not accept them. Things that had wished to empacar and I did not do it? A pair of jeans does not take any jeans by its weight, which I discovered that it was an error. I would have really liked to take them? More long Capris and trousers. Divers in our trip, to the night was very cold. Clothes to sleep but warm I spent much cold all the nights. Cards of businesses these are useful to change with the people who know themselves in the trip. They are possible to be done very easily in the computer. Original author and source of the article.